Saturday, March 17, 2012

Home Another Way by Christa Parish

Home Another Way by Christa Parish- 

"If you wake up tomorrow and realize that you just might be worth something to someone, give me a call." "I don't have a phone," I told Jack. I was being a jerk, but I couldn't help needling him closer to the breaking point. I wanted to crush the tiny, insistent longing that whispered, Someday, someone will stay. He was tenacious--there was no denying that. But I was more so. Sarah Graham is living life hard and fast--and she is flat broke. When her estranged father dies, she travels to the tiny mountain hamlet of Jonah, New York, to claim her inheritance. Once there, however, she learns that her plans for the future--and her memories of the past--are about to change forever.

I read this book a few years ago and really enjoyed it!  It is a very nice and strong Christian Fiction book.  Not too sappy or fluffy.  I am looking forward to reading her other books.

You can purchase it in hardback, paperback or Kindle.  Right now the Kindle price is really good so please make sure to check it out :)

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